Sunday, May 18, 2014


I am 3 hats behind schedule.  I have one started, but it's turning out bigger than I anticipated, so it's also going to take longer. 

Distractions from "hatting"--it started with the little socks of the last post.  I still haven't found a baby to try those booties on yet.  I don't like them empty, but maybe they look cuter filled with baby feet.

I also wanted to make a baby sack, nice and soft and thick.  But it wasn't working out like I wanted so I ripped it out and turned it into a baby blanket.  Seems like it has hit the "knitting black hole" and I don't feel like it's making any progress and I'm losing interest.  I can't think of anything else for this yarn, however, so I have to keep going--if for no other reason than to get rid of it.

And then I was stupid and checked out some of the knitting books from our library's very small collection. (So spoiled as I have been, the libraries here still make me want to cry.)  3 sock books, 2 shawl books, and one nursery knitting.  I also found a crochet book, where there is a beautiful butterfly shawl I am going to make.

I bought yarn for it yesterday.  Very seriously struggled:  dark purple or blue?  Finally settled on the blue.  It was nearly $30.  For one beautiful skein. Soft and drapey and perfect.  Except... when I got home I realized I'd bought the wrong weight and therefore there was not enough.  I'd need 2.  So so sad.  This was my "Yay-we-sold-our-house!" gift to me.  But I couldn't justify 2 skeins, no matter how pretty that crocheted butterfly shawl would be.

So I could still use this yarn for socks, but it really is too pretty to put in shoes, so I went to Ravelry and found a pattern--searching by weight and yardage. 

Won't that be pretty in a slightly shaded denim-y blue.  So soft.  I'm so excited to start.  I've never done lace knitting before.  At least I didn't intentionally, maybe I have.

And let's not overlook the sock books.  New heels and toes to try, a nifty mosaic pattern, and all that yarn I bought while Nathan was in Chicago 3 years ago calling to me to become Christmas presents...

So, yes, more to take me away from my hat goal.  I will still make the butterfly shawl, too, but I'll have to think of something else for the yarn.  Maybe doubled thread?  Far less expensive.

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