Monday, May 5, 2014


Busy in April.  I took a little break from my hat marathon and worked on some baby socks.  Then I had to get back to hats b/c I was no longer "ahead."  Now I am just on target.

Blue top left:  Sara's slouch, kid size, crocheted.

Pink: preemie hat with ribbon, knitted.

Blue striped: Newborn, knitted.

Pink top left:  Sara's slouch, kid sized, with ribbon ( I wanted to try it), crocheted.

Red bootie: knitted, top down, no seams, and yes, only one.

Colorful socks:  toe up, knitted, slip-stitch heel, 6-9 month sized (for a skinny baby?)

Pink socks:  top down, knitted, slip-stitch heel, same sizing issue.

Blue/blue socks: top down, short-row heel (my first ever), 0-3 month, for our neighbors' new baby.

Blue speckled:  top down, slip-stitch heel, same sizing as pink.

And this is why there is only 1 red bootie.  I think it looks like a boat.  I hate sewing seams on booties and really want to love this pattern, but I don't.  I think it looks silly.  And I have no babies around to test it on and see if it "looks better on"--not being acquainted enough with my new neighbor to use her baby as a guinea pig.  Any advice?

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