Sunday, February 2, 2014


I'm starting new this year, keeping track of what I make.  This is the batch from January.

The base is the blanket I'm making for our bed, from Hilda Yates' yarn.  (Really Bartlett Yarn, but we get it at Hilda's and it is inseparably connected to her in my mind.)  The black stripe marks halfway.  My goal is to be done by Valentine's Day (b/c I needed a random goal date) and I'm not sure.  Nathan is commuting now and needs sleep so I'm not up late with him working on my sewing.  Most of this blanket has been done in the car, though, all Teddy related travel.  That's over.

The 2 hats on the far left of the photo are Mary's (black and white) and Joseph's (green).  Mary crocheted hers and Joseph used a knitting loom.

The purplish one is a knit, diamond lace, with sock yarn.  It looks so 20's when worn.

The turquoise and pink ribbon is a baby hat, knit.

A marbled slouch, nice and thick, crocheted.

A light weight white slouch, crocheted.

A turquoise spiral knit.

Another white slouch, ripple, crocheted.

 Why so many hats?  I have a goal to donate 50 hats by the end of the year.  That makes one per week. I can make a slouch in under an hour, so if Sunday arrives and I don't have a hat for that week yet.... yes, another slouch.  I got the pattern from (or for?) my friend Sara when she wanted a chemo cap.  So in my mind I call it "Sara's slouch" and I think I even have it on the pattern that way!

And of course, there is an octopus.  Not nearly so many babies in this ward as in our last ward, but we still have a few.  And of course, our friends in the last ward who were expecting when we left... well, maybe they want one, too.  :)

That's January!