Sunday, March 16, 2014



I forgot how much stamina a blanket of this size requires.  I haven't made a real afghan since my cousin got married in 2000.  I think I'll stick with baby-sized stuff.  Much quicker turnaround.  :)  Though, this only took 4 months, and I've spent longer on socks.  Maybe it's just the sheer size of the project.  I couldn't tuck it in a little bag and take it on car trips after a while.  It just seemed to be everywhere.

Also, after finishing a large project, does anyone else feel a sense of "black hole"?  I tend to start and tear out several new projects before finally fixing on what's next.  Today I started a baby sweater (before I finished this, I needed a ride-to-church project), but now don't feel like finishing it.  Later today I started a preemie hat for this, but can't bring myself to like it enough to continue.*  It always happens after a long project ends.

*(Don't worry, that's where most of the other hats I've made so far will go.)

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